Protecting the health and well-being of Cheshire, Prospect and Wolcott

The Chesprocott Health District provides essential public health services and information to the communities of Cheshire, Prospect and Wolcott. Our staff is dedicated to improving and maintaining a high level of health in our community by offering prevention programs and services as well as responding to urgent public health situations.

This website provides information on many of our programs and services, as well as downloads of necessary forms and applications.

Public Health

CoVid-19 Update 3/25/2020

Planning Guidance

Below are hyperlinks from either the DPH’s or CDC’s website that provide specific guidance and recommendations for: (1) emergency responders and law enforcement, (2) businesses and employers, and (3) elementary and secondary schools.


General information for state employees on several topics can be found on the CDC website:

Regarding continuity planning, employers should consider how best to decrease the spread of acute respiratory illnesses and lower the potential impact of COVID-19 in workplaces in the event of an outbreak by taking steps to:


CTResponds! is the State of Connecticut’s web-based volunteer management system. If you are interested in volunteering, please register in the system. Click the “Register” button to create your account profile.

“While the ‘Citizens who Help in Disasters’ has not yet be recognized as a Medical Reserve Corp, at this time we are being covered under the Shoreline MRC.” To read more about a Medical Reserve Corp, please click here…

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Check out the CDC’s Flu Activity


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Become a Chesprocott Public Health Volunteer.  Volunteers are needed from all three towns to help during Point of Dispensing (POD) operations.  Learn more here.