Community Partners

The staff at Chesprocott Health District is dedicated to keeping our communities healthy and safe through routine inspections of restaurants, pools, day cares, barbershops and salons. In addition, we strive to keep the public educated about how they can prepare for emergencies and prevent disease and sickness at home. None of this would be possible without the support of our three towns:

CheshireProspect Wolcott2

Our work in these communities gives us the opportunity to collaborate with other institutions and organizations that share our mission to keep people healthy. Schools, law enforcement, health care providers, coalitions, youth organizations and other health and human service providers play a major role in protecting and promoting public health.

We owe much to our community partners in Cheshire, Prospect and Wolcott.  Representatives from town government, not-for-profit organizations and the business districts are instrumental in helping us achieve our Public Health goals.  Many of these individuals are part of our Healthy Communities Coalition, meeting bi-monthly to promote a better quality of life for all Chesprocott residents.  For more information on our Healthy Communities Coalition please contact Kate Glendon by email at

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